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Join us for small bites, coffee and mimosas as we dive into topics that might challenge you, baffle you or excite you.

We talk about topics that matter. 

Allow us to equip you with:

  • resources,
  • insight, and
  • experience

while you provide questions and engaging conversation.

This is not your typical classroom training setting, but instead a place for real parents to get to the point about the important stuff.

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Toilet Training:

Toilet Training is a critical skill that many children, teens and adults with Autism and other special needs struggle to learn.

This can be frustrating to parents who want to see their child learn this important skill, and can leave them feeling hopeless. Our team has experience and expertise that can help parents navigate toilet training, with less stress and more success.

Are you looking for help with toilet training? Contact us today.

Success Story:  "My 17-year-old son was unable to have a bowel movement on the toilet his whole life. After failing at every toilet training program known to man, I approached [the team] at NSA. They did extensive research and put together a program that WORKED! It wasn't easy, but the support I received from them and other NSA staff members throughout the process was amazing. This achievement has been life-changing for my son and for our family."



Navigating the journey through Autism can be confusing, frustrating and stressful.

Let our clinicians and experienced staff help you figure out how to maximize what you do, and when you do it, to reach your goals for your child. We have helped hundreds of families successfully navigate the journey, and make good decisions to best support their children and their families.

Do you have questions? Contact Us Today, we are here to help.

Success Story: "In the city where we lived, my son's behaviors were met with a tough response from therapists whose single-minded focus on compliance fed into his insecurity, distrust of adults, performance anxiety and total loss of self esteem. We were told by the "experts" that we had to ride out the "extinction burst" except it never ended and escalated his aggression and behaviors to frightening levels we had never before seen. This was our reality and life before coming to the Next Step Academy."


Counseling and Support Groups:

Being a parent of a special needs child brings with it additional challenges and stresses, and talking to someone who understands can be a powerful tool in the parenting toolbox.

Our counseling department is experienced at helping parents navigate this hard road, reminding them that it is not their fault and helping them developing resources and coping mechanisms to overcome.

Contact us to learn more about our counseling services, and how they can help you.