IDEA Learning System - The Next Step AcademyOur program uses the Integrated Developmental Educational Approach to Learning System™ (IDEA Learning System™)  to design and implement effective intervention programs that address the needs of the child at every level of development to produce significant and lasting social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral changes.

Our program combines multiple therapeutic approaches, functional life skills, and traditional educational areas in an individualized treatment program that is customized for each of our students.

The individualized nature of our program, including small class sizes (max of 6) and small child to teacher ratios (1:1 or 2:1), provides the support our kids need to get to the next step in their developmental process.

This approach is unique to The Next Step Academy and the benefits can be observed in the progress that is made by each of our students. Focusing on the development of the individual as a whole, and addressing the needs of the mind, body and spirit, children with Autism are able to learn and grow in ways that were once thought impossible.

NSA uses the IDEA Learning System™ in each of it’s students programs. The Integrated Developmental Educational Approach to Learning System consists of 3 main areas of instruction:

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Core Foundation Abilities
Learning Readiness Abilities
Cognitive and Academic Abilities